In-house Training Licensing and Cloud

Are you a Microsoft partner or manager/director of a Microsoft subsidiary and do you want your employees trained on Microsoft Cloud and Licensing? Than the In-house Training Licensing and Cloud is perfect for you.

When you have at least 5 attendees we offer you our public licensing and cloud trainings as the ‘in-house’ version. With this version of the trainings you have the ability to bring in your companies specific licensing and cloud cases which we will discuss during the training.

All Quexcel trainers are highly experienced in the field of Microsoft licensing, Microsoft cloud and Software Asset Management and are endorsed by Microsoft. We provide both printed and digital hand-outs and trainees have unlimited e-mail support for licensing questions.

Quexcel in-house Microsoft Cloud and Licensing trainings are worldwide available to Microsoft and Microsoft Partners.

Does your business has the need for more licensing and cloud knowledge? Do you want your customers better consulted with compliant and cost effective licensing solutions? Contact us today for more information for your in-house Microsoft Cloud and Licensing training.

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