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Quexcel stands for ‘Centre of Qualified Expertise for Software Licensing’. We started as a consultancy firm for Software Asset Management and software licensing. Over time, we added our existing marketing firm to Quexcel and extended our services with the Digital Transformation portfolio. Whatever services you buy from Quexcel, you always take advantage of the power of qualified knowledge:

  • Rationally qualified through certification
  • Recognized specialist through strategic consulting function within Microsoft, the largest technology company in the world
  • We stand for righteousness and transparency, involvement together with you as our customer


Knowledge is too often viewed as authority. Whoever knows the most about software licenses and software contracts is king. As a result, licenses are often unnecessarily complex and expensive. We view knowledge mainly as power. Power that we place fully at the service of our clients. That strength provides you with a series of time and cost savings.
Quexcel is a Dutch based international operating company. We are your partner in the area of consulting regarding software licenses and corresponding services – such as Software Asset Management (SAM), marketing services for technology companies and digital transformation services. Our power is extremely attractive for the medium-sized enterprise, healthcare sector, institutions and (semi-)governmental bodies with 100 to 2,500 computers or employees.
We guarantee you optimal time and cost benefits through the bundling of our comprehensive and qualified knowledge of software licenses and agreements, national and international copyright law, privacy legislation, our unique network and the strategic and in-depth contacts with software manufacturers.


The combination of marketing services for IT businesses and Quexcel Software Asset Management has proven extremely successful.
Our knowledge and experience reaches back more than 15 years. We work for many IT manufacturers, IT service providers and other technology providers, both in the areas of marketing and technology advice. For example, Quexcel founder Peter van Uden assisted with strategy and design of the global Microsoft ModernBiz and Microsoft 365 for Business campaigns, created to allow Microsoft partners to provide support for the digital transformations of their SMB customers.
Expertise in technology is crucial in making sure your marketing approach is more than outstanding in the era of digital transformation, and to ensure that your business makes a real difference. Without in-depth understanding of technology, your marketing approach will not be successful. It is the combination of knowledge of technology, the intense contacts we maintain with major IT vendors, and our extensive and certified marketing and communication experience that makes Quexcel Marketing Services so attractive.
We guarantee that the money you spend on marketing will not be a budget drain, but rather an investment which will quickly generate returns: Increased visibility and recognition for your brand, more business, and reduced churn.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation; the umbrella which covers all which ‘sounds’ digital and innovative. But there is more to that. Quexcel has the knowledge and long lasting experience in the IT industry to guide you with your Digital Transformation, whatever your explanation of the definition might be.

It is our deep strategic partnership with Microsoft, our partner-2-partner network within the IT Industry and our experience with hundreds of customers that benefit you! Whether you are looking for innovation of your IT department or want to completely disrupt your industry with brilliant, creative, digital and transformative ideas, Quexcel is the partner for you. Even better, our experts are the partner alongside, because real transformation can only be accomplished in close corporation.

The Power of Knowledge

Whether you are looking for Software, Software Asset Management, Marketing or Digital Transformation Services, when you select Quexcel, you have the guarantee that you get a genuine partner at your side of the table. We use knowledge as the lever to let you and your business thrive. Now, tomorrow and the years to come.

The Power of Knowledge!

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