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Quexcel Marketing Services

  • Digital Transformation at speed
  • Marketing Services for Tech companies
  • Over a decade of IT experience
  • Quexcel Marketing Services helps technology companies. In this era of Digital Transformation, the customers of IT companies embrace digital technology faster than ever before. It is truly the fourth industrial revolution. IDC studies show that over 65% of B2B buyers make their decisions for a technology solution online. Before they speak to a person. When you, as a tech company, cannot be find online, with the right message at the right time, your potential customer will walk by. Don’t let that happen. Let us help you transform your marketing to a digital presence that will stand out and help you grow your company. Do you want to know more?

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    Quexcel Software Asset Management

  • Software License Consulting
  • Software Asset Management
  • Strategic advisors to Microsoft
  • Quexcel Software Asset Management helps both companies, not-for profits and governmental bodies to get a grip at their software licensing. Insight, overview and control reduces the organizational, financial and legal risks. Even in the era of cloud computing, big data, security breaches, artificial intelligence and more. It all comes down to software. Software Asset Management is the starting point for both grip on your compliance and costs as well researching the possibilities to embrace new technologies to help your business grow. Do you want to know more?

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