As a member of the Microsoft Partner Network you receive a number of benefits. One of those benefits are a number of software licenses and cloud subscriptions you can use for your business. However, there are some strict conditions and those conditions change from time to time.

To help you as a Microsoft partner being compliant and getting the most out of your MPN membership Quexcel offers a Software Asset Management service specific for Microsoft partners: SAM4Partners.

From the Microsoft MPN Benefits Usage Guide:
Each partner is responsible for tracking the consumption of software and cloud services license entitlement. If a partner organization is selected for a compliance audit, that organization is responsible for presenting records regarding the active program licenses used and compliance to the terms of use.

Don’t get caught by surprise and be prepared. Make use of the Quexcel SAM4Partners service for a compliance audit without any worries.

This is included:

  • Discovery and inventory of software and cloud used through our Managed SAM Service
  • Inventory of Internal Use Rights and applying terms of use
  • Inventory of commercially bought licenses
  • Assignment of licenses and cloud subscription
  • Registration of usage and use rights within Managed SAM Service portal (mandatory records)
  • Advise on clever and cost effective additional licenses and cloud subscriptions
  • Compliant statement, when compliant

Be Sure

The SAM4Partners service is very attractive for all Microsoft partners, including Service Providers (SPLA-partners), Cloud Providers (CSP-partners), Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and resellers.

Are you a Microsoft partners or are you thinking about becoming one? Do you want to mitigate any compliance risk and take the advantage of getting the most out of your MPN partnership? Then choose SAM4Partners, Managed Software Asset Management tailor made for Microsoft Partners.

Good to know: Quexcel is a multiple Gold Competency Microsoft Partner itself and we have been helping Microsoft partners around the globe for many years. We apply ‘The Power of Knowledge’ to help you into fast forward.

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Are you based in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? You can also directly contact our German partner Sycor for the SAM4Partner service.

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