With factual and actual knowledge, you are able to consult your customers proper and fast on software licenses and cloud subscriptions. Quexcel helps you gain that knowledge. We offer Microsoft Partners and customers various trainings.

As of January 1. 2021 all Microsoft licensing training will be delivered under the Didactive brand. Please visit the Didactive website for an overview of published trainings and information of tailor made trainings.

“The Power of Knowledge”, that is what Quexcel stands for. A knowledgeable partner to help customers and IT Partners to achieve more. Important whilst helping our customers is transfer of knowledge. This is part of our consulting services, but at Quexcel we also offer a wide range of trainings for IT companies, software vendors and end-users (businesses, governments, institutions and NGO’s).

Our Public Training for licensing and cloud, with a focus on licensing and cloud solutions for small and midsized organizations, help sales and pre-sales consultants at Microsoft and Microsoft Partners better help their customers.

All our public trainings are also available as an in-house licensing and cloud training for Microsoft Partners throughout Europe and beyond.

Specially for Service Providers Quexcel has developed a Microsoft SPLA and CSP training. With the knowledge gained in this training Hosting and Service Providers are able to correctly report their monthly use to Microsoft and better help their customers.

Are you a Microsoft employee or are you working for a Microsoft partner and your department or business unit has the need for specific Microsoft licensing and cloud knowledge? Are you working for a business, government, institution or NGO and are your responsible for licensing and cloud? We are happy to serve you with a tailor made in-house Microsoft Licensing and Cloud training.

Good to know; all Quexcel licensing and cloud trainings qualify for Microsoft co-funding with which you save up to 50% on your investment for extending and maintaining licensing knowledge. Contact us to discuss opportunities.

Are you looking for a Microsoft Licensing Training which focusses on large enterprises and Enterprise Solutions? You just might want to consider our training partner Didactive.

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