Audit Defense

Software is subject to copyright law.

Non-compliance with the terms of use from the software vendor and the corresponding copyright infringement is a misdemeanor, with all its terrible consequences. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure you have the proper licenses or subscriptions for the software that you use. Not too many, but definitely not too few.

Using the ‘correct’ licenses, not only in quantity, but also in version and edition. This prevents not only large fines, but – even more important – saves you from damage to your reputation and ensures that you can concentrate on your organization and processes without any worries.

Your benefits with Quexcel Audit Defense

  • Save time on your valuable resources
  • Be assured the verification is done right
  • Profit from our deep licensing knowledge
  • Evidence collection and communications support
  • Proven lowered settlements up to 60%

Software Vendors are the owners of their intellectual property and more often exercise their rights for a verification. There are four different ways in which these software vendors can exercise this right. In ascending order of stringency:

  • (Tele) license review
  • (Microsoft) SAM Assessment
  • Audit
  • Business Software Alliance

For each license verification type, you as a customer are obliged to participate and cooperate. Mostly with scripts or tools, software usage must be inventoried. Contracts and license entitlements are reviewed, financial and user data analyzed. In the end you will receive a license balance overview or a report. When there is a shortfall or a copyright infringement, the software vendor will use the data for a ‘settlement’.

In either way or whatever verification process you enter in, you will be busy with the verification or audit. There are strict processes in place, described in your License Agreement. Besides that, you will need deep licensing knowledge to respond to fact findings (are they true or not?). Good to know that the experienced consultants of Quexcel know how these various types of verification work, know the pitfalls, know the licensing rules and know the law. With that, we are able to support you with proper audit defense.

Quexcel Audit Defense services are available to:

  • (End) Customers
  • IT Partners (own use or for their customers)
  • Hosting and Service Providers

Being subject to a Software License Verification or Audit is always unexpected, demands time and effort of your staff and has a uncertain outcome. Did you receive a letter or e-mail announcing a license verification? Don’t panic and choose our Audit Defense Service to give you peace of mind.

During the review or audit, or following te project, we also help you with License Consulting, Security and Compliance and Software Asset Management Services. All in all, for you to be sure to lower any possible future financial, legal and organizational risk.

Try it yourself!

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