IT is, after personnel, the largest expense in many organizations. Within the IT budget, software is then again the largest component. In short, software costs a lot of money and therefore, for that reason alone, deserves proper maintenance. Not only because you provide properly for people and resources within your organization, but especially to be certain that you handle your investment properly. Therefore, Quexcel offers you the Software License Maintenance service that consists of a number of components from which you can choose.

Design, set up and maintain license database

Most software manufacturers, including Microsoft, obligate you to maintain software registrations. This obligation is stated in the contract terms and conditions with which you have agreed. The set-up, layout and maintenance of a license database is therefore not only smart, but also even mandatory.

All of the software licenses with the corresponding contracts, maintenance subscriptions, expiration dates, allocations and the usage are incorporated within the license database. A database for software licenses that has been properly set up and maintained always provides you with a current understanding of your software usage and software licenses. The benefit for you is that you have a significantly lower risk of illegal software use and a stronger position in your next contract negotiation. A fringe benefit is that you can often save considerably on your software costs. The Quexcel specialists have the knowledge and the experience to help you design and set up the license database. When you want to have absolutely no concerns regarding the management of your software licenses, simply outsource the maintenance of the license database to us.

Pre-Audit Scan

Using the annual Pre-Audit Scan we make a cross section of your software usage and compare it with your license rights. Then you have the assurance that you have a clear picture of the correct quantities and versions of software in use for the annual True-Up or the annual (mandatory) count. In addition to lowering the risk of illegal software usage, this scan can save you a lot of money.

Proactive information service

On a somewhat regular basis, software manufacturers change their contract terms and conditions and the software usage rights and obligations. As user of the software, or responsible compliance manager, you can barely keep up with all of these changes from all the manufacturers. Therefore, use the Quexcel Proactive Information Service. Then you get all the information that is relevant for you in a timely manner. At the same time, we give customized advice about what these changes mean for your organization and how you can best deal with them. This information service also includes the changes in Microsoft Software Assurance. So you are never confronted with surprises with the Quexcel Proactive Information Service.

Contract Negotiation

You use software from different software manufacturers provided by different software resellers or software manufacturers. Altogether, it involves a great number of software contracts. As purchasing department or purchasing manager at an organization, it is almost impossible for you to be familiar with all the ins and outs of all the contracts. Nevertheless, it is important because software has the copyright as basis and a contract has a legal basis by definition. The Quexcel license specialists know the software contracts of the various providers and are happy to help you evaluate those contracts. In that way, you are assured that you sign the right contract with the right terms and conditions. And so you achieve calm within your organization.

With the Quexcel Software License Maintenance Service, you choose for the assurance of correctness and cost saving. You get calm and space to concentrate on what is important for you. Contact us to discuss the possibilities for your organization.

Quexcel offers its Software License Maintenance Service especially for IT companies in order to further improve your service to your customer. For you, this means increasing your competitive advantage in the market. For IT companies, there is a choice between the various components of the Software License Maintenance. You have the freedom to perform specific items yourself regarding maintenance for software licenses and to outsource other items to the Quexcel qualified specialists. It goes without saying that all the services that we arrange for you and your customers upon your request are conducted under your company name. In addition, we always work with an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) so that you are assured that your customer’s business sensitive data does not end up in the public domain.

For IT companies, the Software License Maintenance is comprised of the components below:

  • Design, set up, layout and maintenance of a license database (many software manufacturers, including Microsoft, mandate in their contract terms and conditions that end customers maintain an administration regarding software licenses);
  • Pre-Audit Scan at your customer in order to establish a snapshot of the cross-section of software use and underlying license rights;
  • Proactive information service – you no longer have to do the research yourself into important changes in license contracts, usage rights of software and Software Assurance, but be informed in advance and in a timely manner by Quexcel. Includes recommendation about the consequences and the actions to be taken for and by your customers;
  • Contract evaluation – you work with sales terms and conditions, your software manufacturers work with contract terms and conditions. Sometimes your customers have their own purchasing terms and conditions. Evaluating the various contracts for inconsistencies and conflict risks is work for specialists. For that purpose, use the Quexcel license specialists.


Find out here what the Software License Maintenance Service means to your customers.

Do you, as IT company, want to strengthen your competitive position in the area of software licenses? Do you want to serve your customers even better with advice and services regarding software licenses? Then as License Service Provider, Software Reseller or Software Service Provider, make use of Quexcel’s Software License Maintenance Service. Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more.

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