Knowledge in the area of software licenses and cloud subscriptions is too often viewed as authority. Whoever knows the most about software licenses, cloud subscriptions and agreements has the authority. As a result, software and cloud too often become needlessly complex and unnecessarily expensive. That is a pity.

Quexcel likes to view its qualified knowledge as power. Power that we, together with you, utilize in order to build the best solution.


Benefits of Quexcel Software License Consulting

  • Use the power of knowledge – together
  • We look at your organization, process, future and your software
  • Significant savings on your software costs
  • You are assured of solid, compliant advice
  • You receive a complete solution, ready for your future


For proper licensing advice, it is important that we understand your organization and processes. We like to know what your mid-term goals are. Only then can we be of service to you in order to make balanced choices from a multitude of possible license agreements and cloud subscriptions.

What is more beneficial for you: investing in software or paying for usage? Are you thinking about a transition to the cloud or are you already using hosting services? Do you have one or more branches? Are there subsidiary offices, possibly abroad – with different laws and regulations? We incorporate all of those important aspects of your organization in our advice. As a result, you are assured that you are getting a solution that is compliant, cost effective and ready for your future.


In addition to taking a good look at your organization and business, we also look at the software and cloud you are using, such as Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Adobe, AutoDESK and many others. Virtualization, remote usage and collaboration with your partners play an important role in this review. After all, not every software manufacturer uses the same licensing terms and conditions. Software and cloud licenses are complex material. Therefore, choose the Quexcel certified license consultants. Then you are assured of solid, usable and cost-saving advice.


Our service does not end after our recommendation on licensing contract forms and their content. The qualified specialists of Quexcel are happy to assist you with the optimization of the entire software lifecycle. Such as Software Asset Management, Audit defense, Security and Compliance and Licenses and Cloud Subscriptions.


Do you want a software license consultant who is honest and creative? An advisor who is driven by above average knowledge? Do you want a license advisor who sits next to you, not across from you? An expert who, together with you, wants to make software licensing future-proof? Then contact us today for more information.

Are you a software reseller, software distributor or software service provider? Then you, as IT company, require knowledge about software licenses for your customers. You probably already have in-house knowledge for the most common software packages. Nevertheless, it is possible that you, in specific, complex situations, require in-depth knowledge. That can be in the area of software licenses, the licensing terms and conditions, usage rights and laws and regulations. Then it is good to know that the Quexcel License Consultants can be of service to you in this material.

Benefits of Software License Consulting for IT companies

  • Certified and qualified advisors
  • Integrity guaranteed through a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)
  • Use the knowledge for your customer or your own IT organization
  • Bonds your customer to your enterprise
  • Strengthens your market position


Would you like more information about how our license consulting services can help your customer? Then see Software License Consulting for software end users.

Together with your staff, the Quexcel License Consultants recommend a future-proof solution for your customer. We look at the organization and the processes, the future plans and examine the software and software contracts. This thorough examination leads to a recommendation that often provides your customer with great savings on software costs. Your customer appreciates your professional advice and will definitely return.

It is good for you as IT company to know that Quexcel places honesty and integrity above everything. This means that we only perform our services for you, or on your behalf, at your customer under an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). With that, you know for certain that we will handle your customer’s data confidentially and it will not end up with third parties.

Would you like to use the comprehensive, in-depth and qualified knowledge of the Quexcel license consultants in order to increase your knowledge? You can do so by clicking here for an overview of general and “in-house” training sessions and workshops.

If you would like more information about Software License Consulting for IT companies or for your customers, then let us know and we will be happy to tell you more.

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