Software Asset Management (SAM) is the combined effort of organization, process and technical set-up that provides you with understanding, overview and preservation regarding your software and licenses. SAM is therefore not a one-time process but a route from the current to the desired situation. The Quexcel Software Asset Management process is based on the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2012 standard and ensures that persons involved consciously deal with expensive software licenses in a competent manner. In addition, management, purchasing, personnel (HR) as well as the IT department are involved.

Benefits of Software Asset Management

  • Based on ISO / IEC 19770
  • Broad support – organization, process as well as technique
  • Get a grip on your software licenses
  • Lower risk of non-compliance
  • You save considerably on software costs
  • Better management decisions


Good to know – Quexcel is Microsoft Solution Expertise Partner for Software Asset Management.

Quexcel Microsoft SAM Solution Expertise


The qualified specialists of Quexcel assist you in the entire process. This always begins with a workshop. During this workshop, all the people involved determine the current and desired situation and establish frameworks. A standard component of a good SAM process is the so-called “baseline review” of your current licenses. Quexcel specialists then examine what software you are currently using and what are the corresponding licenses. They examine the contracts and review the procedures.

After the review, we make recommendations for improvement; justified and transparent. No thick reports, but pragmatic recommendations in order to make quick structured steps. It goes without saying that we help you in executing the optimization after the recommendation. Our specialists are not only certified, but also involved at the same time.

You reduce the risk of non-compliance with Quexcel’s Software Asset Management. In most cases, by far, you save significantly on your software costs, get better information for your management decisions and that makes the Quexcel service extremely future-proof.

In addition to solid and professional Software Asset Management service, the Quexcel licensing specialists also help you with software license consulting, Audit & Pre-Audit scans, contract negotiations and licensing maintenance.

Very attractive: our Software Asset Management as a Service solution.

Would you like more information about what Software Asset Management can provide for your organization? Ask our software specialists and they would be happy to tell you more.

As an IT company – distributor, reseller, service provider – you have customers with specific requirements. Sometimes these go beyond your specialization. That can be just the case in Software Asset Management. Then you can call on the experienced specialists of Quexcel. With their qualified knowledge, they are available for you in order to optimally serve your customer.

Benefits of Software Asset Management for IT companies

  • You remain in control with your customer
  • Use qualified knowledge when necessary
  • Applicable for your customers or internally
  • Strengthens your market position
  • Gives your customer the power of knowledge


See what Software Asset Management provides for your customer in Software Asset Management for software users.

You know your customer better than we do. Which is why we work closely with your account team. Together, we help your customer achieve the best from the Software Asset Management process, based on the ISO/IEC 19970-1:2012 standard. With that, you retain a satisfied customer who wants to continue doing business with you.

As an IT company, it is important to know that our SAM Consultants work honorably and with integrity. They only work under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). It is your guarantee that your customer’s data does not end up with your competition. You can build on and trust the Quexcel SAM Consultants.

Would you like your staff to learn more about Software Asset Management? Quexcel is your partner. Our SAM consultants are experienced and certified. Furthermore, they have qualified knowledge of Software Asset Management and would be happy to transfer that knowledge to you through workshops and training sessions <link workshops en trainingen>.

If you would like more information about Quexcel Software Asset Management for IT companies, then contact us and we would be happy to visit you for further consultation.

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