These days, your IT is strategically important for your organization. In addition, software is what enables people to do what they do. The complexity of software licenses increases with the continual increase in digital possibilities. Examples include cloud computing, Bring Your Own Device and The Internet of Things. And it is more important than ever before to be compliant with your software licenses due to laws and regulations becoming continually stricter.

Of course, you believe it is socially responsible to act properly and to pay for what you use. After all, damage to your reputation as a result of not having software licenses in order can amount to an enormous loss. Saving on software costs is then a much better option. You can already save quite a bit by making smart choices. Software is often the largest expense within IT. And in turn, IT – after personnel costs – is the largest expense within organizations. It pays to save on software costs.

Quexcel helps you deal purposefully with software and the corresponding costs. Our certified specialists with qualified knowledge lower your compliance risk by helping you resolve licensing issues.

In addition, Quexcel also provides support when you need a temporary SAM consultant or an interim license manager on location. If the service you are looking for is not included in the overview below, then contact us. We would be happy to provide a customized solution.

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