Workshop (in-house) basic software licensing

3-10-2015 till 31-12-2030



Software, licensing and contracts are for organisations, institutions, governmental bodies and NGO’s often a complex matter. The IT department has the day-to-day management while in fact the board is legally responsible. Mostly the procurement department doesn’t know what to look after when selecting a software contract and the human resource department wonders what their role with software is. In short, there is more about software and licensing than IT alone.

Workshop software licensing

The Centre of Qualified Expertise for Software Licensing – Quexcel – offers an in-house workshop which clarifies responsibilities, variety of contracts, software use terms and possibilities to save on software expends. Furthermore we will cover subjects as legal matters and risks when not meeting the terms and conditions.

For whom?

This workshop of approximately 2,5 hours which we give at your location is the most effective when management, IT, procurement and HR participate. Choose this workshop when your organisation has 100 automated workplaces or more.


  • Legal status software (intellectual property)
  • Copyright law, contracts and software use rights
  • Software contract models
  • Assigning licenses and use of software
  • Control and compliance checks by vendors and the BSA
  • Financial risks and image damage
  • Role of IT, management, HR and procurement
  • What is Software Asset Management?
  • Potential savings

All of the above subjects will be addressed at high level to provide insight to what is important in software and licensing. Off course we will deal with subjects specific to your organisation.

The workshop price is € 500 excluding VAT (if applicable) and travel expenses. This workshop is available in the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands in English or Dutch.

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