Quexcel stands for “Centre of Qualified Expertise for Software Licensing”. You benefit from the power of qualified knowledge:

  • Rationally qualified through certification
  • Recognized specialist through strategic consulting function within Microsoft, the largest technology concern in the world
  • We stand for righteousness and transparency, involvement together with you as customer


Knowledge is too often viewed as authority. Whoever knows the most about software licenses and software contracts is king. As a result, licenses are often unnecessarily complex and expensive. We view knowledge mainly as power. Power that we place fully at the service of our clients. That strength provides you with a series of time and cost savings.

Quexcel is a Dutch based international operating company. We are your partner in the area of consulting regarding software licenses and corresponding services – such as Software Asset Management (SAM). Our power is extremely attractive for the medium-sized enterprise, healthcare sector, institutions and (semi-)governmental bodies with 100 to 2,500 computers or employees.

We guarantee you optimal time and cost benefits through the bundling of our comprehensive and qualified knowledge of software licenses, national and international copyrights, our unique network and the strategic and in-depth contacts with software manufacturers.

When you select Quexcel, you have the guarantee that you are getting a genuine partner on your side. Quexcel, The Power of Knowledge!

Quexcel Gold Microsoft Partner SAM Licensing

Looking for a qualified partner in software licensing?