ISO / IEC 19770-3:2016 is here. What does it mean for Software Asset Management?

The International Standards Organization (ISO) has published the ISO/IEC 19770-3:2016 as the (new) part of the ISO/IEC 19770 set of terms and definitions. Part three establishes a set of terms and definitions which may be used when discussing software entitlements. As we all know, software entitlements are a very important part of software licensing.

It is good to know that the total ‘set’ of ISO/IEC 19770 handles IT Asset Management of which Software Asset Management (SAM) is a part. The proper SAM is based on this ISO standard which handles both the processes and technology for managing software assets and related IT assets. Here is an overview of the parts:
• ISO/IEC 19770-1 handles the processes(ses)
• ISO/IEC 19770-2 is all about software identification
• The renewed part three is about the software entitlement
• ISO/IEC 19770-4: resource utilization measurement
• ISO/IEC 19770-5: overview of ITAM and vocabulary

Part 1 is mostly used as the basis for Software Asset Management because it’s content is about the process related to SAM. But we must not forget about the other chapters because they have useful terms, definitions but also recommendations to make SAM a more clear to understand process within organizations.
To answer the question in the headline; software entitlements – the rights to use your software – is an important part of SAM. Because only when you know your entitlements you are able to optimize, including avoiding any form of incompliancy. If it was only for that reason, the new 2016 edition of ISO/IEC 19770-3 is an interesting read (off course, you will leave that task to us …).

All Quexcel Software Asset Management services are based on the ISO 19770 standard, including the SAM in a BOX service which are tailor made for SMEs.

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