Quexcel handles your data with care. We do not register any personal information during your visit to this website. We also do not register any information that can be traced to you. We do use cookies in order to improve the operation of this website (for this, see our Cookie Statement).

Only when you yourself have filled in personal information on this website, such as when registering for a workshop or training session, do we register the data that you provided. We store this data in a protected and guarded database. If you want to find out what data of yours is known to us, then contact us and we will give you immediate insight into your data. You also have the option to change or have your data deleted. Upon deletion, we will send you a written confirmation of the fact.

As stated, Quexcel handles your personal information very carefully and satisfies all of the applicable Dutch and EU laws and regulations, including the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act, July 6, 2000.

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