Lead nurturing for tech companies

In these modern days it isn’t the purchasing manager who makes the final call. Or the IT manager with budget based projects. Neither is it the business owner. The modern buying cycle is complex with a lot of stakeholders. And no longer are these stakeholders looking for a technology solution. They just want their headaches disappear, or they ‘just’ want something for their business process.
A lot of marketing professionals at tech companies are struggling with this modern buying cycle. Because who do I have to target when with what information to convert a contact to a warm (or hot) lead?

marketing automation lead nurturing quexcelLead nurturing
One way of helping potential customer through their decision process is guidance by lead nurturing. The basic principle is that you ‘follow’ your lead. After every action by your lead, whether it is a download of a whitepaper, register for a webinar, requiring information you point them in the right direction. At the same time, you are collecting more and more information on your lead. At the end of the process you have a lot of information to transfer to sales and your lead has all the information to make the right decision. The sales is just a formality (or, it should be). But doing all this by hand is a very time consuming process.

Marketing automation
Today there are plenty of marketing automation tools out there who help you with the process. They not only save time, but most of these tools are capable of rating your lead depending on certain actions of your contact. In that case, downloading a whitepaper has a higher rating than just clicking on a social add.
Another possibility is to build your own scenario’s, based on A/B decisions. When your lead does A, you point him to X. But does he click B, Z is the most logical next step. Marketing automation will help you get grip on nurturing your leads and providing them with all the correct information at the correct point in their decision making cycle. Some of the most used marketing automation tools are Mailchimp (for a cheap and easy start), Act-On, Hubspot, and Marketo (not cheap, but very good).

Next steps
Are you a marketer at a tech company and do you want to start with nurturing your leads? Setting the goals and desired outcome is even more important than designing the process. And again, that is more important than a tool. Do you need help or guidance to set up result driven lead nurturing for your tech company? We are here to help. Contact us for more information or schedule your appointment.

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