2019 SEO Top Ranking Tips

The world is evolving, so is Search Engine Optimization. Search giants like Google’s Search and Microsoft’s Bing are updating their algorithms constantly. It is hard to determine which of the hundreds of ranking factors.
When you want to get ranked high on the search engine results page’s (so called serp’s), you might just want to focus on the top 5 ranking factors. Here is how that works for you in 2019 (when you start today ….)

Content is King, that is not new. What is new is new however is how Google looks at content. Pieces of text full with key words will drop in the rankings, where content with meaningful and relevant subjects and written in a way that human beings can understand will rise. Video is one of the topics that will help you, because video is a great way to explain complicated subjects to the public. By adding video to your website’s content will get your website higher ranked.

We people tend to use our smartphones and tablets more and more. And your website being designed for mobile is a good start. Besides returning mobile visitors the page speed of you website on a mobile device gets more important. Check your website on mobile, and when even you get impatient with the speed of loading your website, getting it fixed might be a good idea.

Social Share
Another rising ranking factor is shares on social media. There is a distinct link between the number of shares your content gets through social media and the ranking of that content. If you want to rank higher, make sure that your content gets shared over social networks. Make your employees your ambassadors and get them to help you.

Backlinks to your content has been, and still is important. However, having someone put up a website in a foreign country which only produces links to your content will not work well in 2019. Algorithms has been altered to filter this. At the other side, good quality backlinks you get from peers, partners, customers and suppliers, with authoritative domains, will work. So again, good quality relevant content which has been shared will help you.

The last tip for great SEO rankings in 2019 isn’t a technical one, but a strategic. Creating content and sharing ‘as it goes’ and ‘once in a while’ will not help you. Creating a content strategy and performing it in a certain pace will. Think about your strategy, plan, do and act. Than measure, learn, improve and repeat.

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