Windows 7 Security Updates Licensing

The Microsoft Windows 7 operating systems is reaching the end of extended support at January 14, 2020. For organizations still running (some) Windows 7 systems – possible due to legacy applications – can now buy Windows 7 Extended Security Updates. This is how it works.

Extended Security Updates
Once Microsoft software is out of extended support, Microsoft will no longer issue security updates, bugfixes and any other possible updates for that software. Organizations who keep using this out of extended support software will face increased security and compliance risks. They might even face non-compliance to national or international standards, such as ISO 27001 or GDPR (EU privacy legislation).
Microsoft offers customers the so called Extended Security Updates (ESU), with which customers who bought the ESU will still get security updates for the product. Customer must buy ESU per year and up to a maximum of three years after the End of Support date. This will give customers extra time to work towards a modernization solution.

The Extended Security Updates for Windows 7 are available through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program for a price of € 65 per operating system per year (for year one, prices will double for year 2 and triple for year three). Within the CSP program, customers can buy as little as one (1) ESU if that fit’s their needs (and there is no maximum).
There is a catch however. CSP partners (such as we at Quexcel) may only provide subscriptions and licenses within their own geographical region. For suppliers within the EU, this region is the European Union countries extended with the EFTA countries. Might you have a need for Windows 7 ESU, please do contact us.

ESU for Large Organizations
Large organizations (over 500 client devices or users) do have a choice. They can also use a Microsoft CSP provider and subscribe to the Windows 7 ESU, per year for a maximum of three years.
Customers with an active Enterprise Agreement (EA) or Enterprise Subscription Agreement (ESA) can buy the ESU licenses under their current agreement. Since both the EA and ESA are global agreements, customers can buy for all their global subsidiaries within one single agreement.

Get the ESU for free
Customer who migrate their Windows 7 workloads to Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) on Azure will get the Extended Security Updates for free up to January 14, 2023. It is also possible to migrate to Windows 10 with WVD and emulate a Windows 7 desktop to keep running software which requires Windows 7. Read more on the licensing for Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure.

More information
Do you need more information on the Windows 7 Extended Security Updates or do you want to order yours? Please contact one of our license consultants to help you.

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