Visual Studio 2019 has arrived

Microsoft Visual Studio has been the software development and testing software for many years. Over the years Microsoft has added more features to every new version. Including the new 2019 version which is available now.

Buy or subscribe?
There are different ways in which an individual or an organization can obtain the right to use the Visual Studio software and benefits. With the 2019 version, the classic perpetual licenses are still available, recommended to use with MSDN subscription to get access to many Microsoft software for development and testing.
Also available are the Visual Studio subscriptions for those of you who do not like to ‘buy’ software any more. Duration of the subscription varies.
Microsoft also offers a Visual Studio Cloud Subscription which is the way to go when you are developing software, apps and solutions directly into the cloud (Azure).
So, buy or subscribe? When you primarily develop software on-premises for use on on-premises servers and desktops, the classic version would suit you best. When you are cloud focused and a ‘direct-cloud-developer’ (cloud App development or mobile App development), the Visual Studio cloud subscriptions are the best fit.

Licensing programs
The Visual Studio cloud subscriptions are only available through the Visual Studio Market Place (requires a Microsoft Azure subscription for billing, available through – amongst other ways – the Cloud Solution Provider Program).
Visual Studio licenses and the corresponding Visual Studio subscriptions are available through a various set of Microsoft Volume Licensing Agreements, such as Open Value and Subscription, the Enterprise Agreement and Subscription and MPSA.

Is the amount of choice overwhelming? Maybe you need help to make the right choices. For that, please consult one of our experts.

Information tips
Below are some direct links to webpage (out of the Quexcel controlled area) which provide practical information on Visual Studio:

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Visual Studio Marketplace
Compare Visual Studio 2019 editions
Visual Studio Subscription Pricing Information*
Visual Studio Subscription Agreement

* Please contact us for a tailor made offer for your Visual Studio license or subscription.

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