The Surface Phone returns …

… but without the Windows Phone operating system. It will run on Android and be packed with Microsoft Apps to support frontline workers and other highly mobile professionals. All announced in the Surface event on October 2nd. Here are all the highlights.

Surface Neo
Besides the Surface Phone (official Surface Duo) Microsoft also introduces the Surface Neo. This is a dual screen foldable tablet with a clam shell design. It is also intended for mobile workers who needs a compact device with ‘full screen capabilities’. Both Neo and Duo will be general available late 2020 (so we have to wait a bit).

Surface Laptop
Surface Laptop reaches version 3 with a choice of 13,5” and 15” screens. The smaller version will be powered by an Intel chip, whereas the large screen version will have an AMD Ryzen processor modified for use in the Surface laptop. The new Surface Laptop 3 will also come with new high-end materials and a 20% larger touchpad. Prices start as low as $ 1000 and they will soon be available.

Surface Pro
The Surface Pro series 2-in-1 devices will have two versions. The current Pro 6 will be followed up by the Pro 7 with a 12,3” screen, Intel processor, USB-C port but any further not spectacular new features. Interesting is the new Surface Pro X. This version has a slightly larger 13” screen but is still only 5,3 mm thick and ways a minor 762 grams. The Surface Pro X will be powered by a low power ARM chip which should give the device an ‘all day’ battery lifetime. Interesting new feature is that the Surface Pen is rechargeable and can be stored in the keyboard (so no longer out of battery power and no longer searching for your Surface pen …). Both Surface Pro 7 and Surface Pro X will arrive on market November/December 2019 (depending on geography).

Surface Earbuds
Last, but not least, the Microsoft Surface Earbuds. Microsoft claims a 24-hour battery lifetime. The earplugs are intended for use with videoconferencing capabilities in Microsoft Teams (as an example) but can also be used to operate a PowerPoint presentation.

Official Surface for Business Reseller
Do you want to know more about Microsoft Surface Devices for your business or maybe even try some out? Quexcel is an authorized Microsoft Surface Reseller, so please contact us for more information.

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