Stimulate work from home with free Microsoft Teams

In these times where COVID-19 (‘Corona virus’) is impacting people’s lives globally, there is an increase demand for remote work. ‘Work from home’ is even an official government recommendation in many countries to prevent further spread of the virus. To help people and organizations to work from home, Microsoft announced the availability of Microsoft Teams, free of charge.

Business continuity
Not every employee will be able to work from home. But those employees who perform ‘office’ work can do so with the same level of engagement and collaboration as working in the office. Microsoft Teams is the central hub to connect people and information without being in the same room. Unlimited chat, video conference, co-authoring documents and storing and sharing documents from a centralized, secure place.

Free of charge
Microsoft Teams is part of various Office365 and Microsoft365 suites. Organizations licensed with one of those subscriptions already have access to Teams. Those organizations who do not have one of the needed subscriptions can now request a Office 365 E1 license for 6 months and with that get access to Teams.

Help for your organization
Does your organization emphasizes remote work because of the COVID-19 outbreak. Take benefit from this offer to help you empower your employees to continue being productive. Besides, it will give them the feeling that they still are part of your organization, despite working remote. To help you realize the remote working potential, Quexcel will help you with practical guidance, implementation assistance and the required license. Off course, to help you, we won’t charge any fees for this particular case. Please contact us for more information or assistance.

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