Starting January 2023: Change in Microsoft pricing and pricing methodology

November 14, 2022
Read time: 2 minutes

SQL Server price increase
Starting January 1st 2023 Microsoft will increase the price of all Microsoft SQL Server on-premises licenses with 10%, regardless of the licensing program. Small exception for Microsoft Service Providers, their prices increase by 10% on Standard and Web editions and 8% on Enterprise edition. There are currently no price changes announced for SQL Server on Azure (Azure SQL Managed Instance, SQL Server IaaS and Azure SQL Database). When you are planning a purchase of new SQL Server licenses or renewal of Software Assurance, now would be a good time to act. Contact us for assistance.

US Dollar price list for Microsoft Cloud
Also starting January 1st of next year, Microsoft will implement a global US Dollar price list for all Microsoft Cloud (except for Azure through a CSP partner, which is already US Dollar based). This means that the 16 independed, differentiated currency price lists will disappear. Twice a year Microsoft will adjust local currency pricing according to the FX exchange rates from US Dollar.
For customers with running subscriptions there will be no price changes until the end of their subscription. At renewal, prices can be different (lower or higher) and will be locked again for the duration of the subscription.
According to Microsoft, classic on premises licensing will be subject to the same pricing methodology (one global US Dollar price list), however Microsoft will try to maintain stable and predictable pricing for on-premises products. For more information on the impact for your business, please consult one of our licensing experts.

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