Self-service trials for Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project (online)

Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio are often used Apps in the Office Desktop applications stack. Starting January 26, 2022, employees of an organization can request a 30-day trial by themselves using their business e-mail address. Here is what you should know from a licensing perspective.

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Only commercial customers
The self-service trial for Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio is only available within tenants which are ‘marked’ commercial, the default Microsoft cloud environment. They are not available to Education tenants and tenants marked as ‘Governmental’ or for customers using Governmental licenses or Agreements. Besides, trials are (for now) not available for customers based in India.

Once available, users’ existing business logins can be used to sign up or request User Subscription Trial Licenses on their tenants and managed by their organization:

  • Project Plan 1
  • Project Plan 3
  • Visio Plan 1
  • Visio Plan 2

Can it be disabled?
Yes it can. Global admins and billing admins can disable using the self-service purchase controls in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center (license page in billing section). When self-service purchase is disabled, users cannot request trial licenses.

After the trial?
Trial license will automatically be converted in paid-for subscriptions licenses and will be billed against the billing mechanism set in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. This can off course be a big surprise for your financial department if lot’s of users are requesting trail license and do not end before the end of the 30-day trial.

When you want to learn more about managing self-service purchases for cloud services go to the Microsoft Docs website. When you want help in setting up a management system for your licenses, one of our Software Asset Management consultants can help.

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