Quexcel acquires Didactive per January 1. 2021

Microsoft knowledge partner Quexcel acquires all activities of Microsoft training partner Didactive as per January 1st 2021. Founder, owner and Microsoft endorsed trainer Jelle Kooi will remain involved as a consultant after the takeover. All current activities will be continued under the Didactive brand.

Quexcel is a specialist company in the area of Microsoft software licensing, cloud services and has its own Managed Software Asset Management service. Peter van Uden, founder and owner of Quexcel: “At Quexcel we use our expert knowledge on Microsoft licensing and cloud to help businesses, institutions and governmental organizations to maximize their IT systems. For a reason we say ‘The Power of Knowledge’. We tend to see knowledge as a strength, not as a predominant power-base. Looking at it that way, the Didactive activities fits perfectly; with training on Microsoft licensing, Microsoft contracts and the Microsoft partner program Didactive helps Microsoft employees, employees of Microsoft partners and Microsoft customers to empower themselves and their organizations.”

Jelle Kooi (l.) and Peter van Uden sign acquisition agreement

Jelle Kooi about 23 years Didactive
“After almost 27 years in the wonderful world of Microsoft licensing, of which 23 years as trainer and consultant for Didactive, it is time for a sabbatical. Due to health issues this is more than welcome. During my long-lasting absence I will not continue to update my knowledge about Microsoft licensing and cloud. This means at the same time that I will explore new opportunities.”
According to Jelle Kooi it would make him feel rather uncomfortable when he would leave Didactive and Didactive customers in the dark. “I am pleased with the acquisition of Didactive by Quexcel”, Jelle continues. “Peter and I know each other many years and we have been working together. I have confidence that he will take good care and the Didactive customers will be served properly in the future. The knowledge and experience is present. I will remain involved as a consultant with Quexcel and Didactive to make sure that I can help Peter and his team with the transition.”

Little change
Peter van Uden emphasizes that the Didactive brand will remain for all training deliveries for Microsoft licensing, cloud and partner program, just as it is today. “However, the customers will see a new face in front of them”, he continues. “I have been delivering training in this playing field for many years, mostly in the SMC segment where Didactive serves larger customers. Now it is coming together nicely.”

Quexcel will split its activities: all training services, including the Didactive training services, will be delivered under the Didactive brand. All other services such as consultancy and the Managed Software Asset Management service will be delivered under the Quexcel brand. Jelle Kooi will remain involved at the background for a smooth transition and consultancy. For Quexcel, a total of 6 specialists are active, base in the Netherlands and Belgium. Together they serve end customers and IT-companies on all continents. For more information, visit

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