Office365ProPlus on Windows 7

As announced by Microsoft previously, the extended support for Windows 7 ends after January 14, 2020. Also see our news item about Windows 7 end of support. But for customers using Office365ProPlus on Windows 7 there is an additional complication.

Modern Lifecycle Policy
Office 365 is governed by the Microsoft Modern Lifecycle Policy. This means that customers using online services and accordingly installed applications are required to stay current as per the servicing and system requirements.
Using Office 365 on older, soon to be unsupported operating systems, may cause performance and reliability issues.

Extension with a catch
For customers in need of a longer migration period to Windows 10, Microsoft will provide security updates for Office 365 ProPlus on Windows 7 through January 2023. But there is a catch, because those customers will not receive any new feature updates as long as they use Office365 ProPlus on Windows 7. Secondly, those security updates are only for Office365 ProPlus Apps and not for the Windows 7 operating system. This means customers will stay at risk when they keep using Windows 7 after January 14, 2020.

Can Microsoft do that?
Yes they can. As per the Online Services Terms under which the use of Office 365ProPlus is governed:

Validation, Automatic Updates, and Collection for Software
Microsoft may automatically check the version of any of its software. Devices on which the software is installed may periodically provide information to enable Microsoft to verify that the software is properly licensed. This information includes the software version, the end user’s user account, product ID information, a machine ID, and the internet protocol address of the device. […] By using the software, Customer consents to the transmission of the information described in this section. Microsoft may recommend or download to Customer’s devices updates or supplements to this software, with or without notice. […]

What to do?
To avoid any interruption of service and receiving the advantages of the latest features for online services and accompanying Apps, staying current is essential. Migration to a Windows 10 desktop environment or migrating to Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure is the recommended path. Might you require more information, please consult the specialists at Quexcel.

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