Office 365 Multi-Geo now in reach of SMBs

Globalization makes even small businesses spread their wings around the globe. And with the increasing growth of cloud services, you can get your IT around the corner, right?

To be honest, not automatically. With Microsoft modern work offers, like Office 365 and Microsoft 365, all users, data and online services rest in a Tenant. This Tenant is the customers private space in Microsoft’s datacenters in a geographical region.

What is the problem?
If you are a business located in Europe, your Tenant – and with that users, services and data – are in Europe. When you have a satellite office in South America, Africa or Asia (to stay with A’s …) there is a problem. The users in you satellite office still work from one of the European datacenters. Data rests in this datacenter, meaning when remote users open a large file, this could take a while. And maybe local legislation prevent business to store (sensitive) data in other countries or regions. What to do?

Multi Geo
The solution is to stretch the customer’s Tenant over multiple geographical regions. Meaning that users at satellite offices can work from a datacenter nearby. Microsoft offers this – against a couple of US Dollars per month – as an Add-on User Subscription License to Office 365 and Microsoft 365 licensed users. Up to now, only available to Enterprise Agreement Customers.

For SMBs
But …. Starting June 1st 2023, Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSP Partners) will be able to offer this Microsoft 365 Multi-Geo Add-on USL to their customers. Meaning, it finally becomes available to SMBs around the globe. Only thing customers need to be aware of is that they must have (and license) a minimum of 5% of their total users in the satellite geography. Example: when the customer is based in Vienna, has 75 employees, of which 10 are based in a satellite business in Sao Palo, they can buy this (5% of 75 = 4 users….). Customer must order 10 of the Add-on licenses at their CSP partner. When they grow over time, they may add additional licenses.

Base license
Here is an overview of the base licenses to which a customer can add the Multi-Geo Add-on license:

  • Microsoft 365 F1, F3, E3 of E5
  • Office 365 F3, E1, E3 of E5
  • Exchange Online Plan 1 of Plan 2
  • SharePoint Online Plan 1 of Plan
  • OneDrive voor Bedrijven Plan 1 of Plan 2

When you want to learn more about Office 365 Multi-Geo capabilities, please do reach out to one of our licensing experts.

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