New: Software Assurance Planning Services at Quexcel

Customers with a Microsoft licensing contract with active Software Assurance are eligible to Software Assurance Planning Services. These services can be obtained from qualified Microsoft partners. We are proud to announce that Quexcel is now one of those partners. Below is more information (5 minute read).

Microsoft Gold Competencies
Microsoft partners worldwide can qualify for Silver or Gold competencies, where Gold is the highest level. Partners like Quexcel have to prove knowledge and experience in certain fields. Quexcel currently holds the following Gold competencies:

  • Data Analytics
  • Windows and Devices
  • Software Assurance Solutions

Software Assurance Planning Services
Only partners with these Gold level competencies can qualify to be a Software Assurance Planning Services Partner.

Software Assurance Planning Services provide on-site expertise to help you plan your next Microsoft technologies deployment. Deployment planning consultants help you evaluate how best to deploy an array of Microsoft solutions on premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. With flexible offerings, Planning Services can help you streamline deployments with plans tailored to the needs of your organization. Use Planning Services to:

  • Get help building a deployment, upgrade, or migration plan tailored for your organization
  • Remove ambiguity and concerns about deployments with on-site expertise
  • Learn how Microsoft products and services fit within your environment through in-depth technology planning sessions
  • Build a custom deployment plan based on an assessment of your IT environment, workforce needs, and business requirements
  • Extend your internal expertise and incorporate Microsoft best practices to help reduce risks and deployment costs
  • Demonstrate the value of your custom deployment plan and solution with a plan-reinforcing proof of concept or pilot

Quexcel can help you with the following Planning Services:

Desktop Deployment Planning Services
When you want to modernize your desktop deployment, either on-premises or in the cloud – like a virtual desktop infrastructure – this service is perfect for you. With the help of our consultants we help you plan, make a migration plan, conduct a proof of concept and assist you alongside.

SQL Server Deployment Planning Services
Thinking about modernizing your data estate and wondering if an on-premises, SQL on Azure or any form of a hybrid data architecture is right for you? Than this is your way forward. Our certified and knowledgeable consults will help you find the best way forward.

How does it work?
First of all, when you consider modernization, no matter what sort, contact us first so we can align the most cost effective way forward. When Software Assurance Planning Services shows that it is, you will have to assign the planning services vouchers you have to a partner of your choice before consulting services start. For sure we hope that Quexcel is that partner for you.
After the vouchers are assigned we will, together with your, determine the scope and start the consulting. After the work is done and you are fully satisfied, we will send the proof of execution to Microsoft for payment to us. You will not receive an invoice at all (you already payed for the service through your Software Assurance).

If you find the workflow to get it organized complicated, off course we will help you with that too!

More information
More information about Microsoft Software Assurance Planning Services is available online. Or simply contact us for a crystal clear explanation and a quick start.

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