New self-service purchasing products available

Microsoft started the self-service purchasing option for Power Platform products back in January 2020. Now they have added two new products to the portfolio: the new Power BI Premium per user and Power Automate per user plan with attended RPA. This is what you should know.

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The self-service option for purchasing cloud services is not ‘just’ a random purchase. Employees who want to use the self-service purchase option can only do that with their business credentials. This means that the tenant administrator or the IT department can ‘see’ and monitor what is happening.
The chosen subscription will end up in the tenant of the organization. The costs will be invoiced to the customer according to their method of payment (maybe depending on the Agreement).

New products
Starting April 19th, 2021, Microsoft has added two products to the self-service purchasing capability:

  1. Microsoft Power BI Premium per user plan
  2. Microsoft Power Automate per user plan with attended RPA

RPA is an abbreviation for Robotic Process Automation. An attended RPA is an automated process started by a person (that’s the ‘attended’ part).

The self-service purchase capabilities are not available for customers who are eligible for Government or Education offers, linked to their tenant.

As a tenant administrator you have the ability to limit the self-service purchasing capability on a per product base. This can be done with use of a PowerShell script. Click on PowerShell to find your script. Allowing or blocking is – as said – on a per product base. So if you have limited the self-service purchasing by blocking Power BI Pro and now want to block Power BI Premium per user plan as well, you need to go over your settings again and modifying as needed.

Speaking about control. Control over allowed (whitelist) or blocked (blacklist) software or services is part of the Quexcel Managed Software Asset Management Advanced and Premium Services and can help you gain more control over your software and cloud environment. Do you want to learn more about that, please do reach out to one of our team-members.

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