New Microsoft Security and Compliance offer for Frontline workers

Frontline workers are all the professionals working on factory floors, at hospital beds or delivering supplies and do not have a desk computer. In these days of the COVID-19 pandemic we do have more of these professionals than ever before. With that, there is an increased need for security and compliance for IT services these Frontline workers use.

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New security and compliance offer
For improved security and compliance Microsoft introduced Microsoft 365 F5 Security, Microsoft 365 F5 Compliance and – the combined – Microsoft 365 F5 Security & Compliance subscription licenses. These cloud subscriptions come at a low US$ 8 for the individual subscriptions or US$ 13 for the combined User Subscription License (per user per month).

Looking at the features, we see that these new Frontline Workers security and compliance offer the majority of capabilities as the Microsoft 365 E5 security and compliance offering but tailored to the needs of employees who use mobile devices or work ‘on the move’. The Microsoft 365 F5 Security USL includes the exact same capabilities as the Microsoft 365 E5 security USL. For the Microsoft 365 F5 Compliance USL it is not quite the same, but Microsoft announced that it will bring new compliance features in March 2021. To give you some appetite, here are some of the security and compliance features:

  • Microsoft Defender for Identity (protection)
  • Safe Documents
  • Microsoft Cloud App Security
  • Azure Active Directory Premium Plan 2
  • Machine Learning based retention policies

Add on
The new F5 Security and Compliance subscriptions are add-ons to Microsoft 365 F1 and F3 and cannot be purchased as a stand alone subscription. Neither are they available in conjunction with Office 365 F3.

Update March 1st 2021: Microsoft updated the licensing prerequisites. Please visit the Microsoft Commercial Licensing Terms website for actual details.

More information
Do you want more information on Microsoft 365 subscriptions or more specific these new F5 Security and Compliance offers? Please do contact one of the Quexcel software licensing and cloud subscription consultants.

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