New Microsoft Licensing Terms public website

Microsoft and specialized partners put a lot of effort in streamlining official licensing documents. One of the results is that Microsoft now has merged the Microsoft Product Terms and Online Services Terms into one single resource: Product Terms Site.

Microsoft Product Terms Site
The Product Terms site details the availability, use terms, and privacy/security commitments for Microsoft Products and Services acquired through Microsoft Commercial Volume Licensing Programs. The Product Terms site replaces the Product Terms and Online Services Terms documents. All references to the Product Terms and/or Online Services Terms in the Customer’s licensing agreements refer to the applicable sections of the Product Terms site

Commercial Licensing Programs
The Microsoft Product Terms site contains all the relevant legal documents for all commercial licensing programs and programs for educational institutions:

  • Enterprise Agreement and Enterprise Agreement Subscription
  • Server and Cloud Enrollment
  • Microsoft Customer Agreement
  • Open Value and Open Value Subscription
  • And others

Remarkable, the Service Provider Use Rights (SPUR, terms for the Service Provider License Agreement) are not covered (yet).

Simplified use
With the merge of the Product Terms and Online Services Terms into the new Product Terms website, more official and legal documents are better accessible, searchable and with that easier to use. No longer do customers have to download the documents each month and search for the monthly changes. They simply go to the website, select their licensing program and year and month they started the agreement and all relevant terms are presented at instant.
Might you want to know more about this change or the impact for your business or licensing contracts, please do contact us for an appointment.

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