New Microsoft Data Governance Service: Azure Purview

Data is at the heart of all organizations today. Doing more with data by applying analytics services or artificial intelligence (AI) is fast growing. Getting more value out of your data can be a competitive advantage. But it is a risk at the same time. Because how do you govern security and classification of your data? With the new Microsoft Azure Purview service this becomes an easy task (they promise…).

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Microsoft Information Protection
Information Protection is a cloud service that understands and classifies data, keeps it protected and prevents data loss across Microsoft 365 Apps and services (like SharePoint online), SaaS (web) applications and some on-premises solutions as well.

Microsoft Azure Purview
Azure Purview builds on the same sensitivity labels and data classification taxonomy in Microsoft Information Protection. By extending Microsoft Information Protection’s sensitivity labels with Azure Purview, organizations can now automatically discover, classify, and get insight into sensitivity across a broader range of data sources such as SQL Server, SAP, Teradata, Azure Data Services, and Amazon AWS S3, helping to minimize compliance risk.

Multi everything
Since your data is everywhere, you want to apply governance, classification and security on all data, in every place you can image, even in Microsoft competitor solutions like AWS. The Azure Purview services is a multi-everything solution for just doing that, boosts your compliance and is in general preview now. When you want to try it yourself, you can download the App from the Azure website (most services are for free during preview phase). Do you want more information on Azure Purview or Azure subscription licensing? Please do contact us.

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