New Microsoft Azure Assessments at Quexcel

Are you thinking about using Microsoft Azure services for your IT Infrastructure or applications. But you don’t know if it is economic viable or what the total cost of ownership is going to be? Or do you want to know if there are migration blockers and how to remove them?
Now Quexcel is able to help you. We team with UnifyCloud and can offer an Azure Economic Assessment and Azure Migration Assessment to find all the answers you need.

No hassle, quick solution
To get the answers you are looking for accompanied with descent consultancy doesn’t need to take a long time. To realize quick results we can smoothly, quickly and secure transfer the data we collect with our SAM in a BOX Managed Software Asset Management solution to the UnifyCloud tools. After the collection of data the final report can be completed within a week. With that, you quickly know what you are up to without you having to do the work.

Azure Economic Assessment
The Azure Economic Assessment is based on the UnifyCloud CloudRecon tool:

  • Based on an analysis of elements within your current IT Infrastructure Servers, VMs, Data Storage and Applications
  • Scanned by the SAM in a BOX scanner software (no agents needed!)
  • Utilizing the latest Azure service offerings (example: SQL Managed Instance) and pricing (Azure Hybrid Benefits with Software Assurance as an example)
  • Detailed Azure sizing for compute and storage services and subscription level cost analysis covering security, networking and monitoring
  • On-premise As Is cost estimate and an Azure To-Be cost estimate with a full TCO and ROI analysis

Azure Migration Assessment
The Azure Migration Assessment is based on the UnifyCloud CloudPilot tool:

  • Based on an application-level analysis of three .NET Apps identified as a portfolio of apps and/or candidate apps for a potential Proof of Concept
  • Scanned and analyzed by CloudPilot Azure readiness static code analysis solution
  • Utilizing the latest Azure DevOps best practices for Apps running in an efficient, secure and well-managed Azure subscription
  • Comparison of various migration strategies (rehost, refactor, rebuild) that should be considered for your Apps that were scanned and analyzed
  • Outline of a containerized Proof of Concept migration for up to two Apps with monitoring and optimization recommendations

SAM in a BOX
We now offer the Azure Economic Assessment and Azure Migration Assessment as an add-on to our Managed Software Asset Management solution at a discounted price. A three month trial subscription at no extra cost is available.

Microsoft SAM Value Assessment
If your organization has a minimum of 250 PC’s or employees and you are listed on the Microsoft Managed Account List, there is a good chance that Microsoft will (partly) fund the Assessments. Please contact us for more information or a check if your organization qualifies for funding.

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