New features Quexcel Managed SAM Service

Based on evaluation and customer feedback, we have added innovative new features to our Managed Software Asset Management Service. Here is an overview of the updated service.

Managed SAM
To begin with, the Quexcel Managed Software Asset Management Service is a full service subscription with three levels of service: Elemental, Advanced and Premium. With this line-up there is an increase of features and services with each subscription. Now, we have added new features and services to each of the subscriptions.

Managed SAM Elemental
Since more and more organizations add cloud computing to their IT environment, we have moved the cloud subscription entitlement inventory from our Advanced to the Elemental subscription. New is the yearly SAM process statement, where customers will receive a yearly statement of their Software Asset Management process maturity which they can use for internal and external accountability.

Advanced subscription
Within the advanced subscription we have changed the ‘Microsoft Office365 connector’ to a general Microsoft Cloud Connector, since we are now able to add various Azure services to the inventory. New is the black- and whitelist option, which gives customer the ability to build a software catalogue and receive early warnings when not authorized software is detected on servers and computers. When customers enter into a software license review, the experts at Quexcel will consult the customer on the software license review process, based on our thorough experience.

Premium SAM service
As per this announcement, customers with the Managed SAM Premium subscription can get SAM portal access with administrator rights. This means that those customers are now able to add and remove users themselves, place comments at certain software installations, review software license contracts and cloud subscriptions, add or remove software from the black- or whitelist and much more.

Baseline benefits
For all three available subscriptions there are standard included benefits customers should be aware of. One of those benefits is an unlimited support for all software license and Software Asset Management questions. Also a yearly consult on software license, cloud and contract optimization is standard for all subscriptions. And off course license assignment, an ongoing license balance and a biweekly monitoring and warning service for irregular installations or possible incompliance.

Are you thinking about entering into a Managed Software Asset Management subscription, but are you not sure if it will bring you what you need? There is a three month trial subscription at a reduced price available. Contact one of our consultants to receive your quote.

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