Microsoft Solution Assessment, how does it work?

And, what is in it for you as a customer? We all know the world of Software Asset Management is rapidly changing. With all sorts of cloud services you are using, there is more to do than the yearly check-up and compliance statement. At Quexcel we know that, and our customers know that. With a data driven Managed Software Asset Management (SAM) Service we help customers on their journey to the cloud, and beyond. So it is good to see that Microsoft, as announced during Microsoft Inspire in Las Vegas, July 14-19, has aligned their Solution Assessments to that motion (not initiated by us to be true, but nevertheless …).

Every thorough assessment starts by knowing what you have and use. Collecting high quality data is important to get reliable information as the basis for your strategic decisions. As a Microsoft SAM Solutions Expertise Partner we have the right platform for data collection, but also the knowledge for data analysis and reconciliation. Besides, recently we integrated various tools – such as the Unified Cloud CloudReccon Azure Migration solution – to our platform. With that, we do not only collect and process data, but we can also perform cloud migration assessments, cybersecurity assessments and others, with our platform or the tools you are already using.

Plan and decide
Once you know what technology you have and know the opportunities and possibilities for modernization, your next question could be: “What should I do?”. We help you with that too. With a final assessment report, recommendations and an action plan we help you decide on your next steps. Which workloads are first to migrate to the cloud, based on the findings. Should you think about Microsoft 365 or a specific security solution on Azure? The action plan we provide, alongside our consultancy and based on real time data helps you with your strategic decisions.

The next step in the SAM Solution Assessment is new to Microsoft, but not to us; migration to the cloud. We have helped customers migrate to the cloud for many years. To do so, we have a variety of international and certified migration partners we can work with. And if you already have a partner in place, we are happy to work with them. Good to know: Quexcel will always be in the lead as your single point of contact, helping you take your first steps into cloud computing. So the “how to” will be addressed too.

Out of experience we know that after a cloud migration the work is not done. Within our Managed SAM solution we have the tools for cloud monitoring. Are your employees actually using Office 365? How many times and how long? Do they use all the bits and pieces or not? Can one be changed to another Office 365 plan? And cloud cost control – to be able to control the cost of the cloud you need to know what you use. In the past, now and in the future. Predictability will help you with IT budgets and their ongoing constraints. But we also help you optimize user experiences. Because only if your employees understand the ‘why’ of new technology, only than they will be able to see how this will make their work life easier or more interesting. For all of this, we apply our Managed Software Asset Management Solution SAM in a BOX.

Your Microsoft Solution Assessment
Are you convinced that a Microsoft Solution Assessment can help you identify opportunities and actually lever the benefits of those opportunities? Than we should talk. Quexcel is a certified SAM Solutions Expertise Partner and there is a good chance that we can apply available funding’s for your Solution Assessment. This will limit your investment to only time from you and your team. Come talk to us to find out.

Current and soon to be available Microsoft SAM Solution Assessments:

  • Workplace Modernization (10/15/2019)
  • Cybersecurity
  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Data Optimization (10/15/2019)
  • Cloud Economics
  • Contract Optimization (10/15/2019)
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