Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Workflow Retirement

Workflows within SharePoint were always very useful for getting approvals on documents, site publications and collecting feedback. But as time moves forward, now there is better technology to do the same. One of the reasons Microsoft is retiring SharePoint 2010 Workflows as of November 1. 2020.

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Starting November 1, 2020, SharePoint 2010 workflows will be retired and users will no longer have the ability to run, create or execute 2010 Workflows. If your organization uses SharePoint 2010 Workflows, they will no longer function after November 1st 2020. The SharePoint 2013 Workflows will be supported, though for new tenants they are no longer available.

Power Platform
Since more and more organizations transition to the cloud Microsoft is pushing their Power Platform as the default solution for creating workflows. The good thing is, they are not only available within SharePoint Online, but also within other parts of Microsoft 365. Organizations who want (or must…) migrate from SharePoint Workflows to Power Automate can find guidance online.

SharePoint 2010 workflow licensing came with SharePoint 2010 server, so no additional cost. With Power Automate, that’s different. You can choose a license per user who can create and use an unlimited number of flows for as low as $ 15 / month. Licensing a flow with an unlimited number of users is also possible as of $ 500 / month. For more information on licensing or for help migrating your flows, please do contact us.

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