Microsoft retires Microsoft Teams Free (classic)

Microsoft announce that they will retire the Microsoft Teams Free (classic), starting Mid-April 2023. Off course the recommendation is to migrate to paid Teams licenses before that date to prevent losing access to Teams Services.
For customers who decide not to migrate to a paid Teams License, they can export the organization’s content from Teams. For instructions on how to export Teams content, go to this Microsoft Learn article.

Using Teams
The first paid Teams license is Teams Essentials (US$ 4 per user per month) and offers a secure communications and collaboration platform (including data-encryption for meetings, chat, calls and files).

Microsoft 365
Small or large businesses and public sector customers who want advanced features can choose a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 subscription. Besides the enhanced Teams functionality these user subscriptions also offer other online services, such as Exchange and SharePoint. For some subscriptions the Office Applications (Word, Excel, Outlook and others) or Windows Desktop Operating system are also included.
Prices start as low as US$ 6 per user per month and go up to US$ 57 per user per month for the ultimate Microsoft 365 E5 which includes Phone system as well.

Even more
When you want to use even more features, like Webinar conditional access, secure meetings, organization-branded meeting rooms, meeting analytics, live translated captions and many, many more there is an Add-on; Teams Premium. This is an extra license on top of one of the other paid licenses and costs US$ 10 per user per month (intro promo US$ 7 until June 30, 2023).

Want to know more about Teams or migrate from Microsoft Teams Free (classic) to a paid Teams license? Contact one of our consultants.

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