Microsoft introduces Entra – Identity and Access Solutions

Microsoft has multiple (cloud-based) solutions for Identity and Access security and management. Now they introduced Entra as the product family which will cover these solutions, existing and newly acquired.

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According to Microsoft
According to Microsoft, Microsoft Entra helps organizations to:

  • Protect access to any App or resource
  • Secure and verify every identity
  • Provide only necessary access, and
  • Simplify the human experience

For the full set of marketing language, visit the Entra website. Let us break down the individual components.

Azure AD – the cornerstone solution
Azure Active Directory is Microsoft’s cornerstone for identities in the cloud. It offers features like Conditional Access, guest access control, and password-less authentication. Azure AD offers two plans: Plan 1 and Plan 2. You can imagine that Plan 2 offers more features and capabilities compared to Plan 1. A full overview can be found online.

Microsoft Entra Permissions Management
Permissions Management, also known as Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) is an evolution of an acquired product (CloudKnox). It provides visibility into permissions assigned to all identities across all workloads and all clouds. It will be general available in July 2022.

Verified ID
Microsoft Entra Verified ID is a managed service for verifiable credentials. We all know this already as Azure AD verifiable credentials and will be moved to the Entra family. Basic features are part of Azure AD Plan 1 and Plan 2, enhanced features as ‘Verified ID’ will become available in August 2022.

Workload Identities
Extend and manage existing identities to other (software) workloads, such as Apps and online services. It is in public preview, try through the Entra website.

Lifecycle workflows
Microsoft will expand existing Identity Governance solutions with lifecycle workflows. Simplified onboarding and offboarding for users and guest and managing role changes is key. Workflows will become available for preview in July 2022.

Entra portal
All solutions and services under the new Entra product familiy do have centralized management in the new Entra admin portal. So after the Microsoft 365 Admin Center, Azure Portal and Visual Studio Management Portal, the Entra admin portal is number 4 (as we count correctly).

More to come
Microsoft would not be Microsoft if more solutions will be hosted under the Entra product familiy. So keep a close eye on the upcoming Microsoft Inspire partner conference announcements (just a wild guess from our side …)
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