Microsoft Inspire 2020 Book of News

The 2020 edition of Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference Inspire is a 100% digital one, due to obvious reasons. Still, there are not-to-miss keynotes and lots of interesting sessions to attend with plenty of news. This news is brought together in the Microsoft Inspire 2020 Book of News.

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Quexcel coverage of Inspire
Our founder and director Peter van Uden is attending his 10th edition of the Microsoft worldwide partner conference Inspire. Like other years, he collects all the interesting news and brings it to colleague’s, customers and partners. Unlike the other years we will not present you with just our pick of all the news, but give you all the news so you can make a selection which suits your interests.

Book of News
Microsoft has put together a website where all the news from Microsoft Inspire 2020 is centralized. The good news is, as a reader you do not have to scroll through tons of written statements and news, there are plenty of video’s as an example. Besides, the table of contents makes is easier to jump to the news you are interested in. These are the main topics:

  • Azure
  • Microsoft 365
  • Business Applications
  • Security & Compliance
  • Customer and Partner Enablement
  • Sustainability Initiatives

Publicly available
Though Inspire is a partner conference which requires registration, the Book of News is publicly available. This is good, because Microsoft makes technology to help every person on the planet to achieve more and news around this technology should be available to each and every person.

Partner assistance
Might you need a specialized Microsoft Partner to help you translate the news to what impact it has on your business, please contact us. Quexcel is a multiple Gold Competency Microsoft Partner and ready to help you transform your business.

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