Microsoft Defender for Business

Starting March 1st, Microsoft has added the new Microsoft Defender for Business to the Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription. Later this calendar year Defender for Business will become available as a stand-alone subscription.

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New Defender for Business
Microsoft Defender for Business is a new endpoint security solution that was designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. (please note: 300 user seat limit). With the new endpoint security solution small and midsized organizations now have their devices better protected from ransomware, malware, phishing and other online threats.

Included in Microsoft 365 Business Premium
Microsoft made the new endpoint security solution a part of their Microsoft 3656 Business Premium offering. All new customers will have Defender for Business immediately available. Existing customers will receive the new feature automatically in the upcoming weeks. The service will become available in the Endpoint section of the Microsoft 365 Defender portal.

Compare endpoint security solutions
As Microsoft likes to call it: “Defender for Business brings enterprise-grade capabilities of Defender for Endpoint to small and medium-sized businesses”. The question is: ‘does it have the same capabilities?’. The answer is: ‘No, it does not’. Some features of ‘big brother products’ are optimized to meet the needs of small and midsized organizations, compared to the features for larger (enterprise) organizations. In plain English: Threat Analytics, Endpoint detection and response and Automated investigation and response features are different to the same features in Defender for Endpoint Plan 2. For a complete comparison go here.

More information
Do you require more information on cloud licensing for small and medium sized businesses, please do contact one of our cloud licensing consultants.

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