Microsoft Audit season has started. What can you do?

Kids are back to school and Microsoft’s new Fiscal Year has started July 1st. This means: Audit season has started too. Both end customer organizations – mostly large Enterprises – and Microsoft partners like Managed Services Providers are the lucky ones. What can you do when the Audit notification letter drops on your doorstep?

Doing nothing is not an option
Maybe you think “Don’t respond and it will blow over”. Well, we can tell you, it will not. The audit clause is in your Agreement with Microsoft. Examples are the Microsoft Business and Services Agreement with an Enterprise Enrollment or a Service Provider License Agreement. There is now way out of it.

Be prepared
Off course your organization has a proper license administration and manages software and cloud according to modern standards (IT Asset Management – ISO/IEC 19770-1:2017), right? That takes time to (re)organize when necessary. But an Audit also requires a lot of resources, good thinking, technology, administration and communication. You can do this all by yourselves, or ask help from experts in the field. Also for Audits from other vendors, like Adobe, AutoDesk or SAP.

Audit Defense
Quexcel has multiple experienced consultants who have done dozens of Audit Defense consultancy projects. With the help of our consultants you are assured the Audit process is done as it should, the findings are what they should be and – most importantly – we challenge the Auditor and Microsoft with knowledge. All to make sure that the end result is representative of the actual situation and to everyone’s satisfaction (both you and Microsoft).

More information
We do have a page on our website with more information, please go here. Or contact one of our consultants. Finally, don’t wait until the final negotiation with Microsoft, but get us involved as soon as you receive the Audit letter.

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