Managed SAM Service evolution

The Quexcel Managed Software Asset Management Service (Managed SAM) is gaining more and more traction and with that, we collect a lot of feedback. Thanks to all customers for that. As a result of the feedback, a lot of new features have been added in the portal and within the service. Here is an overview of the most important improvements of the last quarter.

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Software Catalogue
We have added software blacklist and whitelist consultancy to our Premium subscription. With our consultancy and help customers will be able to establish a software catalogue. Every software installation which does not comply with the software catalogue will be noticed and can be handled accordingly. The software blacklist feature remains available in the Advanced subscription.

Remote Agent scan
Organizations do often have servers in DMZ’s, at remote locations or secured locations. These are locations which, for security reasons, cannot be reached by our scanner applications. But … those servers do have software installed and off course you do want an inventory. For this particular purpose we offer a bundled remote agent scan of 50 agents which you can deploy on those servers. The agents will collect inventory data and write that to the SAM database. This will give you a more complete overview and higher control. The remote agents are available for EUR 45 ex VAT per bundle of 50 agents.

Price decrease
The prices of most of the Advanced and Premium subscriptions have been decreased by 5 to 10 %, depending on customer size. We have decreased the price to make the transition to a subscription with more value attractive to a broader set of customers. Beside the default price per user, organizations can now ask us for a quote based on device count (adding up clients, hosts and VMs).

Managed SAM user account types 19770Graphic overview
A lot of information from the SAM database is presented in tables and reports. But sometimes they are hard to interpret correctly. So following the graphic overviews in our quarterly reports we now added more graphic overviews in the poral as well (for Advanced and Premium subscriptions). As an example, a graphic overview of the user account types and their numbers.

Managed Software Asset Management
As you have read, team Quexcel is constantly improving the Managed Software Asset Management Service. You can find an overview of the subscriptions online. Do you want to see how this looks like in day-2-day practice? Please do contact us for a live demo.

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