Adobe introduces iScale (license review) program

March 2023: Adobe announced to their partners the introduction of its new EMEA wide iScale program that will be running parallel to existing programs within the Adobe License Management Team.

Adobe iScale program
According to Adobe the new iScale program is a streamlined and digitized online assessment that encourage customers to review current and future Adobe license requirements; informative and insightful.
Adobe also announces to partners that “… our Licensing Specialists aim to provide customers with an ‘opportunity’ to review summaries on a variety of Adobe licensing metrics ….”. In plain English: how beautiful the words, it still is a license review. If Adobe License Management Team discovers a license shortfall, you will feel the pain!

Be prepared
Do you want the risk of facing (large) legal and financial surprises when ‘invited’ for a license review or audit? Most likely not. You can prevent these surprises when you enter into the Quexcel Managed Software Asset Management (m-SAM) service. We will discover all Adobe (and other software vendor products) software deployed and Adobe cloud used. After entering your agreements, our algorithms will provide an Estimated License Position; en overview of deployment, usage and differences between the two. Our experienced SAM consultants will guide you on eliminating old, our-of-support and/or no longer used software, We help optimize software spent, leverage clever licensing solutions and make sure your use is according to the Terms of Use. With all of that, you will lower your license review or audit risk outcome to almost zero.

Besides Adobe, our Managed SAM solution can also help you with Microsoft, VMWare by Broadcom, Citrix, Autodesk and many other brands. Please do reach out for a demo or offer.

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