10 ways to combat cyber criminals

Well, not literally, but by figure of speech. We present you 10 ways in which you as a SMB company can improve your security and be better protected against ransomware attacks, phishing and much more.

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All businesses, large, midsized and small, face the risk being attacked by cybercriminals. And not only businesses, healthcare institutions, local and regional governments and even NGO’s. The question is, what can you do to be better prepared and protected?

Top 10 recommendations

1. Set up multi factor authentication
Multi factor authentication provides access to an IT environment based on something you know (username and password) together with something you possess, like a token, authenticator App on your phone or biometrical data like iris or fingerprint scan. Hackers don’t have what you have which will make it more difficult to penetrate systems.

2. Train your users
Cybersecurity prevention is as much people work as it is technical. One can take tons of technical measures, but when people still click randomly or leave passwords at their desk ….

3. Use dedicated Admin accounts
It is better not to setup general accounts with ‘all the admin rights’, because when such an account gets exposes, the entire IT system is too. In general it is a good idea to segment administrative access to prevent encryption of all systems at a ransomware attack.

4. Raise the level of protection against malware in mail
5. Protect against ransomware
6. Stop auto-forwarding for email
7. Use Office Message Encryption
8. Protect your email from phishing attacks
9. Protect against malicious attachments and files
10. Protect against phishing attacks with safe links

All of the above ten action items are explained in detail in this Microsoft knowledge base article, including how to activate them.

Microsoft Secure Score
Are you already using Office 365 or Microsoft 365 cloud services? It is always a good idea to start with analyzing your Microsoft 365 Secure Score in the Microsoft 365 security center. From this centralized dashboard, you can monitor and improve the security for Microsoft 365 identities, data, apps, devices and infrastructure.

Microsoft cloud secure score

Cybersecurity Assessment
Not sure if your security is up-to-date to protect your business against cybercriminals? Quexcel provides a Cybersecurity Assessment based on the NIST Cybersecurity Framework. With the outcome of this assessment we will consult and guide on actionable items to improve your security. Please do contact us for further information about the Cybersecurity Assessment and possible available funding.
Software Security Management is one of the features of the Advanced and Premium subscriptions to our Managed Software Asset Management Services.

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