Software is subject to copyright law. Non-compliance with the licensing terms and conditions and the corresponding copyright infringement is a misdemeanor, with all its terrible consequences. Therefore, it is advisable to make sure you have the proper licenses for the software that you use. Not too many, but definitely not too few. The proper licenses, not only in quantities, but also in version and edition. This prevents large fines, but – more importantly – spares damage to your reputation and ensures that you can concentrate on your organization and processes without any worries.

Benefits of Software Audit & Pre-Audit Scan

  • Obtain quick insight into your license position
  • Prevent penalties and damage to reputation
  • Optimize your license management
  • You save in contract negotiations
  • The confidence puts you at ease


A pre-audit scan by Quexcel is a smart choice in order to ensure that your IT risks remain limited to a minimum. Our qualified consultants examine the software that you use at one or more branches, affiliates or subsidiaries. We do this examination together with our partners, also internationally. We compare the result of this scan, also known as the “baseline review”, with the licenses that you own. From that, it usually appears that organizations use too many, too few or the wrong licenses. The Quexcel Pre-audit Scan provides you with quick insight into your license position and you can correct it in a timely manner.

Some software manufacturers (such as Microsoft) within small and medium organizations perform checks themselves on the accuracy of software usage and licenses. The software manufacturers use different strategies for that purpose, such as Deployment Summary Request (a form of self-audit), a SAM (Software Asset Management) Engagement or an audit by an auditor.

In addition, a large number of software manufacturers are united in the Business Software Alliance (BSA). The BSA performs, on behalf of these manufacturers, checks on the use of illegal software, insufficient software licenses and incorrect software licenses. Sooner or later, every organization is checked regarding the accuracy of software licenses and software use. You are prepared for that time with the Quexcel Pre-Audit Scan.

Should it happen that the BSA arrives unannounced at your doorstep for a check (a so-called raid), then contact us immediately. We make sure that a qualified license specialist is available for you immediately in order to advise you on the spot. This specialist also provides a subsequent second opinion or conducts, on behalf of or with you, the negotiations with the BSA attorney. It will not be the first time that we are able to significantly reduce an imposed penalty (“settlement proposal”) through the utilization of our qualified knowledge.

Quexcel has fixed price Pre-Audit Scan packages especially for the SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and medium-sized organizations so that you are never subsequently confronted with surprises. Contact us for more information.

Organizations and IT Infrastructures, including cloud computing, change faster than most software contracts that you enter into with License Service Providers or software manufacturers. That is why a Pre-Audit Scan is not a one-time matter. It is smart for organizations to have a Pre-Audit Scan (baseline review) conducted on a periodic basis and to process the results in your license database and contracts.

In addition to the Audit and Pre-Audit Scan, the Quexcel certified license specialists would be happy to advise you in Software Asset Management, software license consulting, contract negotiations and software license maintenance.

Would you like to know what benefits you attain? Or how you call in Quexcel for a Software Audit or Pre-Audit Scan? Then contact us.

As an IT company, you yourself can also be the subject of a Software Audit by a software manufacturer or the Business Software Alliance (BSA). Definitely when you are a Cloud Service Provider and use the Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement  (SPLA). After all, then you yourself, not your customer, are the contractor of the software licenses. Is an audit forthcoming or do you want to know whether you have arranged all of your licenses properly? Then contact us. Our certified consultants would be happy to help you. Fringe benefit: when you can provide an independent and expert report to the controlling agencies, you come across even more professionally.

Benefits of Software Audit & Pre-Audit Scan for IT companies

  • Use the qualified knowledge of the specialists
  • With that, give your employees room for their core tasks
  • Being proactive gives you competitive advantage
  • Prevent fines and damage to reputation with your customers (and with you)
  • Also available for yourself


Your customers can always – completely unexpectedly – get the request to provide immediate cooperation in a software audit, for example, by Microsoft or the BSA. It is legally mandatory to cooperate in this audit, as stated in the software contract. Your own employees may not always have the time at such a moment to immediately help your customer. Then it is good to know that you can trust the experience and expertise of the Quexcel qualified specialists. All of our consultants have walked through these phases with customers dozens of times. It is perhaps even smarter to proactively offer your customers a Pre-Audit License Scan and not to wait until such a moment.

If the Business Software Alliance (BSA) ever arrives unexpectedly at the doorstep of one of your customers (the so-called raid), then there is no reason to panic. You just contact Quexcel and we will arrange to have a license specialist with the proper knowledge available immediately in order to advise you. After a BSA check, you can have us conduct a second opinion at your customer. More than once it has appeared that a significant reduction in the amount of the fine (the settlement proposal) is possible due to the application of the proper knowledge and expertise. The knowledge and expertise of the Quexcel specialists.

It is important to know that all of the certified license specialists who are allowed to conduct the Software Audits and Pre-Audit Scans are of impeccable character. The Quexcel consultants are honorable, have integrity and are held to a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that we formulate together with you. With that, you have, as IT company, the assurance that your customer’s sensitive company information does not end up with third parties.

Quexcel is also happy to support you in Software Asset Management, License Consulting, contract negotiations and license management and maintenance.

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