SAM in a BOX is your ready to go Software Asset Management as a Service solution. It will get you the insights, overview and control of your complete IT environment. The complete inventory, license entitlement records, reconciliation, consultancy and a written compliant statement will you peace of mind, will reduce any financial and organizational risks and – above all – will give you better and complete data for your management decisions. The highlights:

  • No device/server agents needed
  • License Position as a Service
  • Software License Consultancy
  • Compliant Statement
  • Monitoring IT Assets
  • Proactive warning system
  • Twice a year a consultative talk about innovation and digital transformation based on the actual data

SAM in a BOX Quexcel helping hand software licensesGood to know, SAM in a BOX is no ‘SAM Tool’ for making pictures of your IT environment. It is a fully managed service which records the full movie, 24/7 and the collected data is the basis for embracing new (Microsoft) technology and digital transformation. SAM in a BOX is also your foundation to identify cybersecurity risks within your IT environment and subsequently helping you secure your business from any unwanted, unexpected breakdown, data leakage and reputational damage.

SAM in a BOX QuexcelThe Power of Knowledge
Choose for The Power of Knowledge; Quexcel is one of the few companies who are fully authorized by main software publishers, such as Microsoft, to conduct pre-audit scans and consulting and is recognized – and certified – as a Software Asset Management Solution Expertise partner. More important, SAM Done Right is a strategic advantage for every organization. With the knowledge, experience, services and smart Quexcel solutions you will get this strategic advantage. Better insights, clearer view and good help from us to make future-proof smart business decisions based on actual data. With SAM in a BOX you know at instant what you are up to. It will give you certainty and peace of mind at low and flexible monthly costs.

All In
SAM in a BOX is a very broad service solution. It includes the following – non limitative – components and services:

  • Full inventory of all hardware (including printers, network equipment, servers, clients)
  • Hardware warranty, including support contracts (as an example, integration with HP and Dell support platforms)
  • Full inventory of software deployed (Microsoft is the base, other software publishers optional)
  • Software Entitlements (licenses) to be entered into the service
  • Insights of your virtual infrastructure environment (Hypervisors, VMs, behavior)
  • Various SAM components, such as the Effective License Position
  • Cloud Integration possibilities (interconnection with Office365 admin Center and Azure Services) (optional)
  • Usage Tracking capabilities, measurement of actual application usage by users (requires an agent to be installed) (optional)
  • Customer portal with visual attractive and effective dashboards, overviews, subscription services, export options and many more

SAM in a BOX Quexcel licensing contract researchSAM in a BOX is based on the international standard for Software Asset Management ISO IEC 19770-1:2012. With SAM in a BOX you will get all the advantages to make better business decisions, prevent legal and financial consequences, fines and any damage to your reputation due to incompliance. Your operational teams will save time with IT Asset Management and with that get extra hours to spend on IT innovation.

Monthly Subscription
You total monthly subscription for SAM in a BOX depends on the size of your organization, how many software publishers you want to include and what optional services you choose. You can start as low as € 1 (yes, just óne) per device per month for a full subscription with continuous service and consultancy by Quexcel experts.

Quexcel SAM in a BOX written compliant statementWhat is the value of a written compliant statement?
Because SAM in a BOX is a service we will not only get you compliant, we make sure you will stay compliant. Once a year we will provide a written compliance statement for all the software vendors included in your service. This is the value of the written compliant statement:

  • Quexcel is a recognized SAM Solution Expertise Partner and all our consultants are certified
  • The internal value for your financial reports, for your accountant or stakeholders (good governance)
  • The external value to software publishers reviewing your organization, they will recognize that you handle software and software asset management wisely. This will lead to a more smooth review or audit and even larger review intervals


Do you want peace of mind? Do you want a complete service which will give you the ability to innovate, smoothen your business and thrives digital transformation? Do you want to make sure that your operation teams handles hardware, software and licenses in a sensible and correct way and save time and money alongside? If this is the case, you are ready for SAM in a BOX by Quexcel. Contact us for discussing your SAM in a BOX, Software Asset Management as a Service, solution.

Do you have doubts in what way your organization will benefit or if this SAM as a Service solutions suits your organization? Than choose the 6 months fixed price trial subscription. Contact us for more information.

SAM in a BOX is the full monty Software Asset Management as a Service solution designed and developed by Quexcel (protected by copyright law and files at the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property under number 072525). But at Quexcel we strongly promote parter-2-partner collaboration. Together we are able to serve customers better. For that reason is SAM in a BOX also available as an OEM service for IT companies, so you can bring additional services, under your brand, to your customers.

Quexcel SAM in a BOX for IT companiesThis is how the service will benefit your business and your customers.

Managed Service Providers
Advantages for Managed Service Providers offering SAM in a BOX:
• Full platform for better, proactive service to customers based on actual data
• Offer hardware warranty management as a service
• Better resource planning for virtual infrastructures and hybrid cloud environments
• Use the platform (OEM) and knowledge of Quexcel to consult customers on IT innovation and digital transformation
• Take away your customers’ concern about compliance

Cloud Solution Providers
The advantages for CSP partners adopting SAM in a BOX for their customers:
• Integration with Microsoft Office 365 Admin Portal and Azure Services
• Usage Tracking will monitor application usage and thus help you improve adoption programs
• Actual and correct on premises technology situation to help you with your migration plans
• Use the actual data for cloud roadmaps with your customers

Service Providers
Service and Hosting providers will have the following benefits when they use SAM in a BOX for their customers:
• Actual usage based data for correct SPLA reporting
• Multi-domain, suitable for shared hardware environments
• Multiple software publishers possible (o.a. Citrix and VMware)
• Suitable for user management
• Lower the internal pressure on resources by lowering the number of tools and labor
• Lower the incompliance risk for your organization

System Integrators
‘Even’ for System Integrators SAM in a BOX has advantages, such as:
• SAM in a BOX is a platform based solution, which software publishers can ‘talk’ to, over 20 publishers are available within the platform
• Lower the risk of unexpected exceptions at system integration by use of actual insights of hardware, software, usage en dependencies
• The SAM in a BOX solution can be offered as an extra service to your customers
• Take away the concerns from your customers around incompliance

Are you as an IT company ready to take the full benefit of SAM in a BOX, Software Asset Management as a Service, to serve your customers better? Please do contact us to discuss opportunities.

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