When you know exactly what you are using for software, you are only halfway there. All the software manufacturers have different payment options for your software. It is smart to select a contract form that fits with your organization and your plans for the future.

It is advisable to be well prepared when negotiating the contract with the vendor or reseller of the software licenses. Then you have a strong negotiating position and you can make favorable purchases. In order to arrange that, select the specialists: Quexcel.

Benefits of Software Contract Negotiation

  • You save considerably on software costs
  • Make a choice for the certainty of a customized software contract
  • Use our qualified knowledge for the right choice
  • Recognized specialist by, among others, Microsoft
  • Calmness and assurance for your purchasing department


The Quexcel license specialists know the rules of software use and understand software contracts. When you call in one of our specialists for the purchase of the software licenses, you are assured of the right contract. With the right terms and conditions and the right price. Robust and future-proof. Our “contract negotiation” service is a smart choice for medium-sized enterprises, (semi-) governmental bodies and institutions.

Quexcel has years of experience, in particular in Microsoft contract negotiations. Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of MPSA (Microsoft Products and Services Agreement), Enterprise Agreement, Enterprise Agreement Subscription, Open Value Subscription, Open Value and Open License. In addition to these contract forms, we also help you with solutions based on Cloud Computing such as Office365, Azure, CRM and Intune, as well as directly with Microsoft as well as through License Service Providers and Microsoft Resellers.

The starting point for good contract negotiations with a software manufacturer is always: “know what you need”. For that purpose, a Pre-Audit Scan (baseline review) is a good starting point. A good purchasing process for software licenses is part of a Software Asset Management project based on the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2012 standard. In order to remain current, it is advisable to maintain and allocate the purchased licenses and to keep your contracts and subscriptions up-to-date.

Do you want to know how much you can save with Quexcel in software contract negotiations? Do you, as purchasing manager, want to be assured of the right choice for a software contract? Then contact the Quexcel license specialists.

Your customers want the best software contract for the best price. But the contract must also be legally proper. When there are holding subsidiary companies, international branches, virtualized environments or use of cloud solutions, it is not easy to make the right offer for your customer.

Conducting contract negotiations for software is work for specialists, also for IT companies. When you have too little capacity or knowledge in that area, then you can easily call in one of the certified license consultants of Quexcel. Our professionals can advise you during the creation of the offer for your customer and in strengthening your position towards software distributors and software manufacturers. With Quexcel, you choose for the assurance of the right offer at the right conditions. It ensures a satisfied customer who wants to continue doing business with you.

Benefits of Software Contract Negotiation for IT companies

  • Choose for the assurance of the right offer to your customer
  • Use our qualified knowledge to your advantage
  • Recognized specialist by, among others, Microsoft
  • Strengthen your competitive position
  • Attractive for Cloud Server Providers


See what software contract negotiation means for your customer.

Are you yourself a Cloud Service Provider? Then you are the contractor at your software manufacturer, such as with the Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). You are obligated to report and invoice on a monthly basis the usage of your customers’ software. Strict terms and conditions apply within the SPLA contract and different rights and duties apply per product via the SPUR (Service Provider Use Rights). Complex material. When you call in one of the Quexcel license consultants in order to advise you, then you are assured that you report to Microsoft the proper software in the correct quantities. Then you know for certain that you did not pay too much. That is also part of a purchasing process where you achieve benefit yourself.

Do you want to know what a Quexcel license specialist can do for you, as IT company, in software contract negotiations? Do you, as IT company, want to relieve or reinforce your purchasing department with knowledge? Do you want to be assured of a proper and (for you) cost efficient offer for your customer? Then let us become better acquainted.

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