New Privacy Regulations? Start with Software Asset Management

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (popular: GDPR) will come into force as of May 25th 2018. This new ‘law’ effects all business, governments, non-governmental bodies, institutions and all other organizations. Large, Midsized or Small. When organizations do not comply to the regulation, fines up to 4% of their annual turnover or € 20 million could be the result. So if your organization has not started preparation, now is the time to do so. But how?

Start with Software Asset ManagementMicrosoft SAM Cybersecurity Review
In this era of digital transformation we all store and process a lot of data. Data which contains information on individuals, such as birth dates, e-mail addresses, social security numbers (think about your HR system!) and much more. You do want to take care of this data and keeping it safe. You will need a privacy and/or a security officer, take a look at your processes, train your staff and may have to update your technology to comply to the new regulation. In short, security and privacy is about people, process and technology. And hey, so is Software Asset Management.

Decisions based on actual data
As said before, starting with implementing Software Asset Management (SAM) is a good way to start your preparation for the new privacy-law. SAM will give you all the actual data and insights of our IT Infrastructure, AD-users, software (even the software titles you thought you didn’t use…..), legacy applications, contracts, processes and many more. Based on this actual data and with proper consultancy you will be able to take the right decisions.
Are there older versions in place which are out of support and need to be updated to prevent data leakage? Are there legacy applications which are vulnerable to hackers or ransomware? Do you need to review your Software Usage Policy for employees? Again, SAM is one of many ways starting preparing, but certainly a good one.

SAM Cybersecurity Review
One Software Asset Management edition we can recommend is the Cybersecurity Review. When you are using Microsoft software – and who isn’t? – and did not have a Microsoft Review in the last two years, there is a good change that we can arrange funding for this Cybersecurity Review. This will reduce your investment to a total of € 0. Interesting? Contact us for detailed information and possible funding of the Microsoft SAM Cybersecurity Review.

Another great way to start is the Managed Software Asset Management Services offered by Quexcel. Learn more on this page.

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