New: Microsoft Windows 10 Multi-Tenant Hosting

Microsoft has added Windows 10 multitenant hosting rights to the August 2017 Product Terms. This means the rights only apply to the so called ‘Volume Licenses’ such as licenses purchased or subscribed to through the Enterprise Agreement Enrollment.

For what type of customers?
Unfortunately, according to the Product Terms, the right only applies to customers with rights to Windows 10 Enterprise E3 or E5, or VDA E3 or E5 Per User Subscription License. And those Per User USLs are not (yet) available within the volume license programs for Small and Midsized organizations (Open Value and Open Value Subscription). Note: there is an option for smaller organizations through the Cloud Solution Provider program. Please see the corresponding chapter below.

Quexcel Microsoft Windows multi tenant hostingNot every Windows 10 edition
The multi-tenant hosting rights for Windows 10 only apply to the Windows 10 Enterprise Creators Update (Windows 10 build 15063) or later and only the Current Branch (so not the Current Branch for Business and the Long Term Servicing Branch). Besides that, customers must have the Azure Active Directory (AD) based activation in place.

On Azure
One of the new possibilities for the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is hosting the Windows 10 Enterprise on Microsoft Azure. But good to know, additional costs for the Azure subscription (VMs, storage, networking) will apply.

In a 3rd party datacenter
The other possibility is hosting the Windows 10 desktop in a ‘third party datacenter’. This is what we know as ‘a hoster’ or ‘hosting provider’. For the hosting providers amongst our readers: the hosting provider who hosts these virtual Windows 10 desktops must have a Qualified Multi Tenant Hosting addendum to their Service Provider License Agreement signed with Microsoft.

How about CSP?
Windows 10 Enterprise is also available within the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider program (CSP). Microsoft has announced that as of September 6th 2017 Windows 10 E3 and E5 through the CSP program also qualify for the multitenant hosting solution. Because the CSP program is open for SMBs, smaller organizations would profit from the opportunity to consume Windows 10 Enterprise through a VDI solution hosted on Azure and third party datacenters.

More information
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