New Microsoft Licensing Brief: Licensing the Core CAL Suite and the Enterprise CAL Suite

Microsoft has recently published a new Licensing Brief on the subject ‘how to license the Core CAL Suite and / or the Enterprise CAL Suite’, replacing the August 2015 Licensing Brief. This (volume) Licensing Brief does not replace your Volume Licensing contract, nor is it an official legal licensing document. This brief is purely for further explanation of the licensing rules in your Volume Licensing Agreement and the Product Terms.

In this new Licensing Brief, quexcel microsoft core cal enterprise cal suite explainedwhich applies to all commercial volume licensing programs, Microsoft clearly explains how licensing the Core CAL Suite and the Enterprise CAL Suite works. Some of the new use rights explained is the right to numerous online services which come with these CAL Suites. Besides that, they’ve put in various Frequently Asked Questions. We recommend reading this Licensing Brief which will extend your knowledge on this CAL Suites.

Might you have any further questions after reading, please do contact one of our volume licensing experts for assistance.

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