Improve security with new featured scenarios

Knowing today’s cybersecurity threats and knowing the best possible protection for your organization isn’t easy. The online threats different per day or even per hour and security vendors keep pace by introducing new product features. So how will you keep track of all the changes and be prepared?

featured security scenarios QuexcelScenarios
A good way is applying the Quexcel featured security scenarios provided by Microsoft. Together with your staff our security specialists can run the scenarios and make them specific for your organization. Within the scenarios we focus on specific needs for your organization regarding – as an example – threat protection, data classification and information protection, identity and access management and many more.
By using the scenarios you will get instant and clear insight in possible threats and which counter measures you need to take to neutralize those threats.

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When you want to know how those featured scenarios can help your organization safeguard your information, employees and business, please do contact us. We are happy to help.

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