The qualified specialists of Quexcel are there to assist you. Together with you, they use the power of knowledge in order to achieve the best for your organization.

Quexcel developed a number of services especially for end user organizations of software and corresponding licenses:


Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) is the entirety of organization, process and technical set-up that ensures that your organization handles your expensive software licenses in a controllable manner. This combined effort is based on the ISO/IEC 19770-1:2012 standard. With Software Asset Management, you often save a lot of money on software licenses and you lower the risk of illegal software use. If you would like more information about insight and overview, then look here.


Software License Consulting

Software licenses are complex material. It is just like pensions. Everyone knows that they are necessary, but almost nobody knows how they really work. It is work for specialists. When you, as organization, want to get the most out of your software licenses and also want to be absolutely certain of a proper, correct solution, then use specialists. The Quexcel specialists. If you need proper, cost-saving advice, then look here.


Software Audit & Pre-Audit Scan

Using illegal software is a misdemeanor. The risks of using illegal software are significant. In addition to large fines or criminal prosecution, the financial consequence of damage to your reputation is often many times greater. With the Software Audit & Pre-Audit Scan, you know for certain that your licenses are in order and you reduce the risks to practically zero. A frequent fringe benefit is that you can also save significantly on your software. For more information . . .


Contract Negotiations

There is an enormous diversity of software contract possibilities. Every manufacturer has its own solutions, often with various choices within each solution. Use the qualified Quexcel specialists in order to enter into the best contract with the lowest costs with your selling party or software manufacturer. More information.


Software License Maintenance

You are not yet done after purchasing the software licenses and using the software. Just as with a complex machine, your licenses require regular maintenance. Not only to ensure that you remain compliant, but also to provide overview and understanding of your software usage. In order to get the most out of your software, Quexcel has a large number of services within its Software License Maintenance Service. For more information . . .

Whatever Quexcel service is appropriate for you, when you select Quexcel, you select a creative, knowledge-driven, honest partner with integrity. This applies not only for our company. These strict requirements are placed on all our specialists and partners.

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